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Our Favourite Christmas Markets in Germany

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People on a Christmas market in germany gathering around attractions

Our Favourite Christmas Markets in Germany

Christmas trees sparkle, and the scent of mulled wine and roasted almonds is in the air – Germany’s countless Christmas markets provide the best way to get into the Christmas spirit. Here we would like to introduce you to some of our favourite Christmas markets in Germany. You might not know them yet, but we think they are all worth a city break in winter.  
Bremen has one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in northern Germany. All around the old market square in the city centre, you can enjoy the classic Christmas market experience, surrounded by historic buildings and mulled wine. Nearby, on the banks of the river, you'll also find the Schlachte-Zauber: a medieval Christmas market on the Weser promenade that will enchant you with the spirit of Christmas, a tankard of mead and artisan products.   
Leipzig has one of the oldest and largest Christmas markets in all of Germany: Ever since the 15th century, the stalls have been set up in the old town in winter; there are now around 300 of them. On the 15-minute walk from the Pentahotel Leipzig to the market square, you can hear the sound of trumpets from afar. The Christmas market is opened by Leipzig's famous St Thomas's Boys Choir.  
Eisenach is not only home to the traditional Christmas market in the city centre, whose Ferris wheel transports you 38 metres into the sky and gives you a view of the sea of lights from above. There's also the historic Christmas market at the almost one thousand-year-old Wartburg Castle. It’s the perfect setting to admire medieval crafts such as candle-making, garb-making and pewter casting, and to shop for Christmas presents.  
Wiesbaden's old town is impressive all year round – but even more so when it is gleaming with the fairy lights of the “Sternschnuppenmarkt” (shooting star market) in the run-up to Christmas. Since last year, there is even a dedicated shooting star market for children. If you have some more time, you can also visit the wonderful Christmas market at Mainz Cathedral, located right on the other side of the Rhine. And just 40 km away is Frankfurt am Main, whose popular market is just as worth a visit. 

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