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50 Years of Penta

A man in bed with a blanket pulled over his head holds up a cup from Penta Hotels.

International hotel group celebrates anniversary with a brand refresh.

"Your lively neighbourhood hotel" - guided by this statement, Penta Hotels has completed a brand sharpening just in time for its 50th anniversary. At the Frankfurt am Main based hotel group, everything revolves around social interaction and genuine connection, and this is ever more evident in its refreshed identity. The revitalisation of the brand has been launched to coincide with a 'Welcome to the Summer of 1971' campaign; a fun journey back to the 70s, laden with the timeless landmarks of the Penta experience: casual, playful and down-to-earth. A new colour scheme and clearly defined values are just the tip of the iceberg in the new and expanded brand identity. Much is planned for the coming years. For example, many of the hotels will be equipped with long-stay rooms to create an even stronger feeling of "home away from home" for guests. 


"Penta has a tremendous explorer ethos. You won't find our properties on the Champs-Élysées in Paris or Alexanderplatz in Berlin. We prefer up-and-coming destinations. Medium-sized cities with untapped potential or neighbourhoods in hip cities that are a bit off the beaten track and away from the mainstream. Because that is exactly what the Penta brand reflects: unconventional and unique, informally cosy, authentic and down-to-earth," says Rogier Braakman, Managing Director of Penta Hotels Worldwide since February 2020. "We run the hotels with this spirit and carry this forward as 'lively neighbourhood hotels', firmly anchored in and in exchange with the communities we are a part of. With us, you get to talk to locals at the bar and also experience cities from a completely different side." 


Penta has stood for innovation for half a century. One of the first groups to rethink and challenge the traditional hotel lobby in 2007, Penta worked with interior designer Matteo Thun to break away from the standard check-in at the reception. In the Pentalounge, a trademark of all Pentahotels that combines bar, restaurant and chill-out area, guests are welcomed and checked in at the bar. Industrial chic with disco balls, cosy seating areas and foosball tables - Penta embodies the combination of comfort and style in a relaxed atmosphere. This extends to the bedrooms and conference areas. Meetings are held in a professional ambience, but with a few add-ons to liven things up. Coffee breaks with a shot at the goal wall, or a round on the PlayStation for guests to connect and loosen up.   


The group was founded in 1971 as a joint venture of five airlines:  Lufthansa, Swissair, Alitalia, BOAC and BEA. After several changes of ownership in the 1990s, the modern Penta brand was launched in 2007. 25 hotels in Europe and Asia now operate under the brand, which has now been refreshed and relaunched in 2021, coinciding with its 50th anniversary. 

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50 Years of Penta